Seal Structure

Comparison of our dust-proof and sealing bearing performance (reference only)

Structure Cage Type (zz) Non-contact Rubber Sealing Ring (RZ ) Contact Rubber Sealing (RS)
Fiction Torque Small Small Because of contact sealing, Model RS1 and Model RS2 have bigger fiction torque than RZ and ZZ. But the RS3’s is the biggest.
High Speed Performance Good Good Because of the limit of contact sealing, RS3 has a higher temperature rising.
Grease Sealing Good Better than Model ZZ A little better than Model RZ but Model RS1 is better than Model RS2 and Model RS3 is better than Model RS2.
Dust-proof Good Better than Model ZZ(could be used in an environment with a few dust)


The best (could be used in a dusty environment)
Water Resistance Unsuitable Unsuitable Good (could be used in splash condition)
Range of Application Temperature -10~+110℃ -10~+110℃ -10~+110℃


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